NOW OPEN at Winter Location:
Aux Dining Hall at 1220 21st Street, Lewiston

Hours: 7:00 pm – 7:00 am

A Safe Place To Start

Imagine your biggest life decision, your deepest financial hole, and your most unexpected crisis… when you finally made the choice, balanced the budget, and grieved with family, did you have a safe space to do it in? Imagine dealing with the fallout of a lost job and eviction, while sitting in your car at a stop light, instead of at the dining table, in a locked home. When survival becomes a daily necessity, planning becomes a luxury. There are many amazing resources to help, but what seems a minor inconvenience to some, like an ID, an address, or sobriety, is a high-barrier to someone without a home.

The LC Valley Adult Resource Center is a low-barrier facility that provides a safe space where displaced persons can meet their basic needs, and then learn about and access community services available to them. They can connect with the resources that fit their needs, and use the safe opportunity to gain traction.

Now Open

Serving displaced persons in the LC Valley through a trauma-informed resource center that focuses on connecting people to compassion and hope, while providing safety, meeting basic human needs, and modeling healthy relationships while enabling existing resources to be more efficiently used, to the improvement of the community as a whole.